YouTube Channels For Every Taste: Fashion, Fitness, Humor, Cooking And More…


YouTube has become a place for serious business people who earn fortune only for things that are able to present their knowledge and skills.
Whether you need a tutorial for make-up, fitness advice or just want to look at a hidden camera, YouTube is the right place for it.
In order to filter out the things that interest you, it is good to subscribe channels that upload videos of some type.

Here are some of those figures separated by lifehack, with an exceptional dedication to YouTube channels from which you can learn a few things.

Here are some of our suggestions.

Makeup and Beauty

In case you need a tutorial of this type, Michelle Phan is ideal for you.
Michelle Phan has been active for about five years, and her popularity constantly is increasing.
Even she signed a contract with cosmetics brands, thanks to her skills and popularity of the videos.


Here you will find videos related to style, makeup, fashion, hairstyles.
The girl behind the channel is named Sammy and she’s a stylist from London.

Hacks and tricks

If you want to make your life easier and learn some little tricks, then Kip Kay is the right channel for you.
Also good channels full of “hacks” are CrazyRussianHacker and Quirkology.


It became clear that prank videos can gain popularity overnight, and suddenly appeared too many channels of this type.
But among them there are some that stand out for popularity as VitalyzdTv, RomanAtwood, Whatever.


Who if not the channel of one of the most famous chefs of today – Jamie Oliver?
His channel is already approaching the figure of one million subscribers and there is a reason why.
Excellence presentation, good sense of humor and innovation have made Jamie incredibly popular.


If you want to learn something about fitness, diet and healthy lifestyle then look at the videos on the channel of Omar Isuf.
Omar gives advice of any kind and knows how to present them.


One of the most popular channels of this type is PewDiePie, or more precisely Felix Kjellberg earning enormous fortune thanks to the videos he uploads.
He mainly publishes videos that play games followed by his personal commentary.


If you like movies, then there are several different channels offering content that is attractive and can be interesting.
If you want to watch videos of the movie shortcomings, we recommend CinemaSins, if you want to watch a humorous approach in trailers then a good choice is ScreenJunkies, the charts of various types may serve you WatchMojo, and if you just want to follow all new trailers then a good choice is MovieClips Trailers.


If you want to follow videos of this type try Science Channel and Asap Science.

Show Business

There are few anchors that today are popular and whose videos attracted millions of hits in YouTube.
If you want to see interviews from celebrities, then you can follow the channels of Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen Degeneres.