Your Phone Is Protected with Android Device Manager!


Android Device Manager is a super service that can help you locate and lock lost devices. After the Android application development, now it’s available new update of the application that gives you better options when you lock a device.
The novelty is that now from both the updated Android app and the web, when you go to lock a phone, there is a possibility to add either a phone number for the person to call you with or a message.

The entered message shows up above and you can write in it any text you want.
In regard to the callback number, it’s obscured when it’s put on the lock screen and there is only the opportunity to hit the button ‘call owner’.

The callback and message features are optional, but also very useful considering that a person that has found your device can simply give you a call at another number and link up to get the device back.

You can try this service from the newest Android Device Manager app or directly on the webpage.