With Varta VSSP Make Yourself Ready for the Future!


The replacement of a stop start battery is more complex than the replacement of a conventional starter battery.

Besides the required know-how, is also required to have a good diagnostic device.

The VSSP device by Johnson Controls is easy to use and it is all in one solution!

The device comes with a necessary cable, a charger and batteries!

It has to be connected only once with the wireless workshop.

To start a battery test, you should register yourself as a user with username and password.

For the diagnosis of the start stop system, the device is connected via the central interface to the vehicles EOBD.

By using a menu selection, you can select the start stop diagnosis.

The individual vehicle data must be determined.

There are three selection possibilities:

Auto selection: thanks to the constantly updated software of the navigation system, the device can determine the exact vehicle type via the EOBD port.

Manual: alternatively, the vehicle identification can be carried out by the pull down menus manually

Unknow: the VIN code can be entered directly via the keyboard.

The device reads all errors of the start stop system and at the end gives us a report with all information’s about the status code for the battery starter and the car alternator.

Depending on the state of the battery, the workshop suggests if the battery should be replaced.

On the basis of the original manufacturer data, the device exactly suggests the appropriate battery for the vehicle.

The test results can be transferred to the computer and printed out.

The device has a camera on the back side, which lets you scanning the battery code and the data gets written on the device. The battery model can also be entered manually via the keyboard and verified if the battery model is compatible to the vehicle.

As next, you should transmit the data from the new battery in the device and then follow another battery test. At the end you get a report if the start stop system works flawlessly!

Each VARTA start stop customer can register himself on the home page and becomes for free 2 years roadside assistance, if the car due to problems with the battery cannot continue driving.

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