With Urbee2 – 3D Printed Car – Enjoy the Trip Through the Ecosphere


Do you know, that there are 1 billion cars in the world on the streets at this moment?! … and the number will continuosly and rapidly grow up, so by 2050 there will be more than 2.5 billion cars on the streets.


The Urbee team  already thought about solution and eco based car. They have officialy made the first prototype of the newest eco car Urbee 3D printed green car and also announced the second prototype Urbee 2.

Its about a concept of fuel-efficient car produced as a result of colaboration between the 3 companies:  3D-printing Stratsys, the design company KOR EcoLogic and the digital manufacturer RedEye On Deman.

The eco hybrid Urbee2 will work using ten gallons of fuel, three-wheeled construction and is powered by electric motors plus small, ethanol-fueled 7-hp engine. It can use diesel or ethanol or also networked batteries. The batteries can be recharged by solar energy.

Jim Kor – Mechanical engineer and Urbee Project Leader made his dream a reality, he constructed together with his team the vehicle of the future – the world’s greenest car at this moment, Environmentfriendly and also safe.