Will Be The New iPhone 6 Solar Charged?

iPhone 6-saphire-glass-solar-power

The iPhone 6 may be related to a unique and innovative development. Few sources discover that Apple is rumored to be working on an implementation of a Sapphire Solar Powered Screen in the new iPhone 6.
In September 2013 in a patent filed, Apple described their new technology as an “integrated touch sensor and solar assembly”. In fact, every device with incorporated new technology will use electrodes to collect Solar Energy which will be used for the device’s battery. Besides that the solar cells will be used for sensing on the touch screen.
At the beginning, Apple faced the problem with the necessary of the “boost converter” needed to convert the solar power to energy that can be directly used by the device’s battery. Later in October 2013, Apple solved the problem and was granted a new solar touch screen patent that would allow to power a device without the need of a boost converter. Furthermore, without the need of the boost converter, Apple rumored to have a sapphire screen not just for the new iPhone 6, but also for other devices, such as the iPad and MacBook.
Apple also collaborated with GT Advanced Technologies to open a production sapphire materials facility in Mesa, Arizona. This step is considered by many sources as a clear indication that Apple is going to apply touch screen that is solar powered via Sapphire glass screen.
This will not be good news for the Apple competitors. Actually the arrival of a solar powered screen that extends the smartphone battery’s life may be a game changer for the consumers that are looking for the best lasting battery for their smartphones. In that way, Apple may be on to something that will be the first revolutionary solution for longer and sustainable battery life.
Remains to be seen if this incorporation of solar panels in the new iPhone 6 will influence much on the price or Apple will find competitive cost with the Samsung’s new smartphone and return in this way in the battle.