Why You Should Choose Varta Automotive Car Battery?


Are You in a dilemma in choosing a battery for your car?

Please don’t be! Because with Varta automotive systems You have the opportunity for an appropriate choice. The leading car companies rely on Varta because of its AGM technology and VSSP program. The AGM technology is evolution technology in the field of sealed lead-acid batteries, based on standards of stagnant electrolyte. This technology guaranties for the battery endurance and durability with the main benefits:




Less corrosion

100% safety

Easy to installation

Reduced maintenance costs

Endurance to extreme temperatures

We all know that the car technology has grown enormously over the last century.

Normally the big companies are in a constant scramble to overcome with better battery technology and more qualitative offers.

Varta is one of them. They continually are on top of the leading battery companies in all areas, also in the area of car batteries.

There are several divisions of Varta automotive batteries, depending on it for which type of vehicle they are needed with the common: state-of-the-art PowerFrame® stamped grid technology! It is technology which guarantees great performances, durability and intransigent confidence.

The range of Varta car batteries constitutes the following top articles:

Silver Dynamic

Blue Dynamic

Black Dynamic

Start-Stop Plus


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