What makes Alfa’s Disco Volante 2013 produced by Touring Superleggera so Special!?

Are you crazy to drive extraordinarily beautiful and special for you hand-made car ?!

If Your answer is YES My answer is clear and precise: You should buy the Disco Volante vehicle.
It means “Flying saucer” or “Flying disk”.
It is combination of two prestigious companies: Alfa Romeo and the Milan-based coachbuilder Touring Superleggera.
The First introduction of Alfa Disco Volante was at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012.
This beauty was inspired by Alfa Romeo 1900 C52 ‘Disco Volante’, and the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.


The highlights of the vehicle are:
Cabin with leather upholstery
Aluminium body & carbon fibre-reinforced plastic
LED light profiles
331kW/480Nm 4.7-litre V8
Top speed of 292km/h (181 mph) and fuel consumption of 15.8L/100km
Interiors (dashboard, instruments, controls) inspired by aeronautics
444bhp 4.7-litre V8 engine
Touring Superleggera Team is happy to have the opportunity to produce this car. According to the chief executive Milanese coachbuilder Touring Superleggera Piero Mancardi:
“More and more people are getting bored with mass production cars … We are almost unique in being able to respond to this.”

“Many people don’t know what Touring is,” Mancardi says, “but when they find out what we’ve done they’re amazed.”


Touring worked also on other famous cars, like Ferrari, Alfa Romeo 1900 Sprint, Lancia Flaminia Coupé, Aston Martin DB5, Lamborghini 350 and 400 GT, and the Maserati 3500 and 5000 GT.
This Utterly gorgeous vehicle is one of the best cars and is also famous as one of the most evocative car designs in history.
The name sounds beautiful, not in Italian, but the car itself works flawlessly and it looks different – futuristic.

The original basic design of the Volante Model was defined as ‘design patent’ and ‘style icon’ since 1952.
The Entire looks and design of the car is made to capture the feeling like you’re part of a wonderful science fiction film. This is contributed by the red LED light profiles and the aeronautical black interior with leather.
It is built only to demand. The price will be defined after you give your own specifications.


Touring also offers the opportunity to every costumer to give its own specifications for the interior design of the car and through it to contribute to the idea of making every car model even more personal and to meet the customers’ expectations and preferences.
And in my opinion, it is good, because it makes this car even more special and only available to those who really have taste and passion.
The Disco Volante owns EU Type Approval under the EU-Directive 2007/46 EC for producing small series.
Despite all definitions of beauty and futuristic look this car will definitely leave a mark in the history of cars as “One of the most stunning car concepts ever”!
So, If your savings for a new car and the desire and passion to own a truly special car model is big enough, do not wait, because the number of vehicles which will be produced is limited.