What is True Love – Does IT Really Exist?!

butterflies- stomach

“Love is patient, love is kind. Love means slowly losing your mind” or maybe not?!

It’s been said that true love is dead and that the sands of time have corroded the love into an ash of the past. So here is the secret about the True Love that will bring us back to reality…
We are very inspired from the stories of lovers who believed stronger in each other and their love even when the whole world was against them, but the inquiry discover that the most of that love stories are with a tragic end. (from the legendary Paris and Helen to the scandalous Bonnie and Clyde) We all want that legendary feeling when you feel the “butterflies” in your stomach “Zsa Zsa Zu”, when your heart races like crazy, when you lose focus of the world and everything stops around you…. is that love or only temporarily brain statement?

We must agree that we can not make a decision without trying. So here some reasons why we should search for the real love:

1. You’re never lonely or alone.
2. You’re comfortable always with each other, and you don’t care what others say or do.
3. For affection is not required pleading or begging.
4. Sharing is sincere, open and without uncertainty.
5. Without a plan to return no one walks away.
6. When something goes wrong it’s easy to forget, forgive and move on.
7. You don’t have to buy things to make someone complete, happy or feel strong.
8. The mind the body and soul are respected and appreciated .
9. When other words get in the way or disappoint “I Love You” is easy to say.

Those who have healthy long relationships always advise: Do not expect too much, do not wait vainly your ideal partner, find someone not so perfect build with him strong team day by day and make together the perfect own love Story Which Will Everyone Leave Speechless.

Good luck, Go out and open your eyes, the real love is surely there around you (and surely was all the time right next to you) waiting for you!