What does the letter “i” means in the iPhone?

How did the letter “i” has managed to find in the smartphone of Apple – iPhone?

The first “i” device that the company produced it is the iMac. Launched in 1998, this computer marked the beginning of the modern era of Apple.


Presenting the computer, Steve Jobs said that is primarily intended for the Internet.

– Although it is a full blooded Macintosh, it was created for one purpose and that is to facilitate access to Internet, Jobs said then.

He on the representation of the device showed a slide with a few different words – Internet, individuality, instructions, information and inspiration.

– The letter “i” means for us and many other things. We are a company that produces computers, and although this product is designed to work in a network, it is a beautiful standalone product. Our aim is to be used in education and it is perfect for most things that are served with instructors.


Thus, the company decided to add the letter “i” beside the name of almost all its products, even in its software.