WEISS More Power Batteries – Tested & Awarded Benchmark Assembled in Germany

WEISS Technologies offers first class lithium-ion rechargeable batteries


WEISS Technologies is a brand, that offers lithium-ion and NI-MH batteries bringing together the features: high-quality, cost-saving and short-dated replacement.WEISS-SiemensGigaSet-SL780

WEISS batteries emphasize maximum capability and resilient capacity with the main idea of ​​environmental protection and quality!

WEISS Technologies introduces freshness between the rechargeable batteries.

WEISS Batteries CHIP test winner!

The acclaimed, German-language portal CHIP.de, one of the most visited platforms in the German language regularly provides tests and price comparisons on products like computers, home entertainment, cellular telephones and digital cameras. In March 2012 the CHIP testing room has had a deep-rooted test on different digital camera batteries.

CHIP has tested four types of batteries and for that purpose 20 batteries from various companies were selected for detailed analysis.
The winner was the WEISS battery for Sony NP-FW50 and the battery for Canon EOS. The WEISS battery has manifested that it is the right choice, compared to the original. It is inexpensive, high capacity and littleWeiss-MacBook-13-Zoll self-discharge battery which makes it appropriate and one of the best alternatives.

Even the WEISS Panasonic, Sony, Nikon, Canon, Casio, BenQ batteries  and the battery for Apple MacBook have shown a http://www.deluxebattery.com/5-top-secrets-of-the-worlds/!

The WEISS Li-Polymer Battery for Apple MacBook’s 13 “series, contrary to the original Apple, with capacity of 5400 mAh features even a slightly higher capacity.

WEISS has a suitable compatible battery for Tivoli radio and also offers LED lamps with movement sensor, ideal light source for places without plug socket, such as closets, pantry’s or porches.

The key for the quality of the WEISS batteries is the combination of the features: power, durability and environmentally friendly materials.

Battery compatibility means also no problem charging with the original charger.


Customer satisfaction of WEISS batteries is undoubtedly. This is confirmed by the reviews of the platforms: Akkudo, Ebay, Amazon and many others that sell WEISS batteries.

Conclusion: buy the WEISS battery and enjoy the happy hours and the privileges offered by it.