Wearable Tech News – Glove Phone Talk to the Hand – Integrated Technology!

The technology does not stop with the innovations. The coming soon moment is a new wearable technology surprise. Besides the smartwatches and Google glasses this time it comes to hand gloves, designed by O2 and Sean Miles.
According to the designer Sean Miles, the challenge about this device is focused around integrating the technology with the fabric of the glove. He gives also other creative ideas for using the old phones like a walkie-talkie via shoes and bags (which would be especially good idea for the ladies because they won’t search the phone in their bags; the bag itself will be a phone :).

How will the Glove Phone Talk to the Hand work? It will have an embedded speaker unit in the thumb and a microphone in the little finger, connected to mobile phones through the Bluetooth connection.
These innovations are in a favor of protecting the environment because they will be made of recycled old mobile phones.