Victoria Secret Model Diet – What is the Best Well Kept Sexy Secret of the Angels!?


What is the meaning of being beautiful and sexy?
The Beauty is a relative thing.
There are numerous definitions about the real beauty and one of my favorite is the one from Jennifer Lopez. She said:

“Beauty is only skin deep. I think what’s really important is finding a balance of mind, body and spirit.”

In my opinion every person and every woman on this planet is for something special and beautiful.
To be beautiful in the right sense is to establish balance between the outer and the inner beauty.
In short it means to have inner peace and to exercise regularly. It definitely will quickly be noticeable externally.

The Victoria’s secret angels have a natural beauty and charm. But it is enough to shine and look super sexy and charismatic whenever they appear?!

Definitely no! Here is the best kept secret everyone must know:

First and most important: Forget starving yourself!
It won’t help you losing your weight. It will actually will contribute even more to think about food, you will eat less but more abundantly and your metabolism and body will suffer.
So eat more often, but smaller balanced fresh meals, which will supply you with the necessary energy.
The favorite idea for breakfast of the angels is healthy smoothie, juice, hazelnuts, almonds or figs. It is light breakfast which offers the needed energy and vitamins, and of course… it is low in calories. Try it!

Exercise regularly!
The fact that you don’t have enough time is not an apology. You must find time for practicing, whether it is in the morning or in the afternoon. The positive changes of your body and your spirit you will notice very quickly. It will be an additional motivation for further regular exercising. Remember: No Diet! Proper nutrition is the right choice of the Angels! Drink enough water during the day!
2 liters of water per day, will take TEN YEARS off your ages.

The Water is the best Metabolism Booster and Cleanser of the Body Toxins.
Your skin will be thankful to you if you drink more water. You will feel better, look happier, you will have clearer skin and clearer mind. No headache’s, improved immunity and increased productivity, especially if you drink water with lemon!


Sleep enough!
Regular biorhythm and 6-8 hours sleep per day will contribute to the proper functioning of your metabolism.

So Be healthy and look healthy! That is the best kept secret and most important attribute for seduction of the Victoria’s Angels
So put the Smile on your face, find time for healthy eating, enough sleeping and exercising.

You will definitely achieve the goals:
Feeling great, looking gorgeous and Healthy with healthy teeth, clear skin and healthy hair!
They should be your goals which will contribute to look incredibly seductive and to be observed wherever you appear!

Feel free to share with me your experience or some new Must Know Secret that will help to many people.