VARTA Start Stop Technology – The Driving Power Behind the Start Stop!


Nowadays the car industry is facing with a huge challenge!

Since 2012 are effective the new EU regulations and the maximum allowed limit for CO2 emissions from vehicles throughout Europe is 130 g/km.

The solution of the automotive manufacturers has different names by different manufacturers.

Whether BlueMotion by Volkswagen, or EfficientDynamics by BMW, the principle is always the same: Start-Stop Technology!

If the driver stops the car in traffic jam or at traffic lights, the system turns off the car engine.

The battery supplies all electric consumers alone, for example, air conditioning and radio. The state of charge falls!

As soon as the traffic lights go green and the driver starts the clutch, the system starts the engine.

To save additional fuel switches on the Intelligent Energy Management System. Now, the battery powered again all electrical consumers alone.

Additional energy is saved by the braking energy regeneration.

The generator converts the braking energy into electrical energy and so charges the battery again.

This function reduces the CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by 2-3%.

Conventional vehicles have a conventional starter battery, where the voltage, remains constant after the start.

By vehicles with simple start stop function, the battery is constantly charging and discharging.

For this is at least an EFB car battery needed, Varta Start Stop.

For vehicles with extended start stop technology, additional features will be added, for example braking energy regeneration and also Intelligent Energy Management System.

Only a special AGM battery keeps this enormous burden in control Varta Start Stop plus.

You have to use the right battery. Othvarta-start-stoperwise, if you use a false start stop battery, the fuel emissions will increase and the environmental effect will decrease.

To achieve climate protection goals of tomorrow, 80% of all vehicle manufacturers worldwide, which also use Start Stop technology, already relay on Varta.