Vadim Fishkin Light Matters!


Every trip is a new experience.

As part of my trip in Slovenia this time, was the visiting of the exhibition “Light Matters“ of the Russian artist Vadim Fishkin. This means to me a new experience and a new spiritual fulfillment.
I didn’t know much about Mr. Fishkin, but from what I saw and read about him and his job I realized it was a special artist, whose work must be mentioned and posted on my blog.
He began as an artist in his native Russia, in Moscow in the 80s as a participant of the group “World Champions“. His interest about the intellectual roots of the Russian avant-garde led him to Moscow’s art community as well as that of Slovenia, where he has lived for the past twenty years.

Fishkin makes beautiful romantic metamorphosis between arts and public. He says “The artist lives and creates with his heart “and this quote radiates from his exhibition I visited recently as light which matters.
His luminous creative energy travels around the world in a form of exhibitions. Till now he has 20 solo exhibitions and hundreds of participation’s around the world with a unique message unlimited by the artist’s current location.

He explores more areas at the same time photography, drawings, light projection, sound, or interactive installations & relation between science and art.
He makes a good connection between the internal and external perception.
His creations simulate natural science phenomena, and aspiring to simulate natural events that cannot be influenced individually.
It seems like he never really rests anywhere, he travels together with his creations in a specific world of phenomena in correlation to our perception.
The exhibition in the Škuc Gallery in Ljubljana is the last in the “Light Matters” series, which provides a specific segment of Fishkin’s work.
His “language” remains recognizable outside that field (which mainly examines the issue of the ephemeral) and can be applied and recognized in his entire body of work.
The exhibition is a very simple example of it that the light really matters, not only in the area of the art, but also in our everyday lives. It is an unobtrusive, but attractive for everyone. It forces a person to think and to find the connection between light, objects around us and ourselves as individuals.
And because lost my photo camera in the cake bar I ate the famous “Prekmurska pita”, I would like to ask you to be patient. Some of the photos of this exhibition I will gladly share with You as soon as I get my cute Sony camera back.