Use Your Imagination With 3Doodler – 3D Printing Pen!


Can you imagine to draw in the air and to make 3d objects with a simple pen? Now it’s possible with the new 3Doodler – the world’s first 3D pen!

What is the 3Doodler?
It’s a pen that draws in the air or on surfaces. You hold it in your hand like a regular pen with the difference that you can lift up your imagination and break the 2 dimensional limit of the paper. It’s also the most affordable way to 3D printing that makes the 3D creation accessible to everyone. There are also 3D printers and machines for 3D printing, but they cost a lot. The 3Doodler weights less than 200 grams.


How does it work?
The 3Doodler pen uses ABS plastic – material used by the major part of 3D printers. It’s compact and easy and requires no computer of software. You have only to plug it in a power socket and start drawing.

By pressing the button, the pen extrudes heated plastic that quickly cools and stiffens into a strong and stabile structure. In this way you can create infinite variety of objects and shapes.

The 3Doodler represents a brand new way of creating objects, but also there is a possibility to create a real piece of art. In that way it can be used by artists, 3D printing fanatics and hobbyists.

3Doodler ideas for use:
The creative opportunities with 3Doodler are endless. You can create smooth forms and take them off a piece of paper or a free style 3D objects. Beside this you can make 3D separate parts and than unite them together with the 3Doodler.

There are plenty of ideas what you can create with the 3Doodler: basic 3D models and 3D shapes, jewelry, hanging ornaments and pendants, fridge magnets, decorative art, personalization of everyday objects such as iPhone cases, mini version of the world’s famous monuments and much more. It works on almost every surface so you can make the most unique sticker for you phone’s case. It can also be used for minor repair work.

The creators of this pen, has also made ‘stencils’ to help you create more complicated objects such as the Eiffel Tower. They are available online for everyone.

We must underline that the 3Doodler is not a toy for children. Indeed, the recommended age for use of the 3D pen is 12+. The pen and the plastic extruded out are safe to use, but there is a metal tip in the pen that can get as hot as 270°C. It uses universal power supply so can be used all around the world.

For the end, one interesting fact for you: the average 1 kg of 3mm ABS contains circa 360-370 feet of plastic, which is approximately 4000 feet of 3Doodling or 3 Empire State Buildings and enough material for few weeks of doodling.

Are you already getting some ideas what would you create with this amazing 3D pen? If you already have it or you’ll buy it in the future, we’ll be looking forward to see your creations!