Triple Deluxe Nintendo: 3DS & 2DS Pink & White Pleasure for $110 – Must Know Secrets!


Good news for the gamers!!!

Nintendo becomes a new member in their family. This time it is the 3DS and 2DS version in pink and white
If you are gamer and love the ping white colors of the ice-cream and freshness please be patient till may this year.
It comes together with nice adorable silver carrying case, which will be offered to buy separately.
It is announced as Pink, Puffy & POWERFUL ready for preorder right now on the official Nintendo page

So let’s conclude:
What: Nintendo Pink + White Kirby Triple Deluxe 3DS & 2DS
When: May, 2014 and also ready to preorder right now
Where: USA, Europe, Australia
How much it will cost:
Must know features and challenges:
Kirby had always the power to shoot down all enemies with a number of actions & moves
250 Key Chains which should be founded
25 different Copy capabilities
New Hypernova ability which gives Kirby extra power after finding up the a Miracle Fruit
Bonus games & Kirby Fighters
Colorful landscapes
Different looks for Kirby with own special power and moves