Tremendous Fact: Cars Are Easy Target For Hackers!

hack car system

Your car is a big computer that can be hacked as every regular computer. The high-tech is becoming also a regular part of every new car models that makes them high-tech computers. Also they are connected in a network with the latest wireless connectivity. Many of us are nor aware of that fact. In this way the cars become smartphones on wheels, which makes them an easy target for hackers.

The automakers, security advisers and suppliers warn about the crucial problem with this new wave of ‘connected cars’, that is the real security risk is that the inside of the cars has ancient technology.

The 50-100 tiny computers that control the brakes, acceleration and the steering are unintelligent. They hardly conduct authentication checking if the message comes really from you. In that way, an outsider can send commands to them and easily manipulate them.

The researcher Joe Klein form the security firm Disrupt6 says that the internal parts of the car and the protocol were never meant to be connected to anything.

Back in the 1990’s, the car’s computers were built safely enough when the cars were closed boxes. That architecture is not strong enough to hold up their connection to the Internet. The car software is not built to the same standard as a bank application or software coming out of Microsoft.

So the worst scenario would be like this: hackers access your car’s controls by cracking its Internet connected entertainment system and interfere with your brakes.

This scenario is already demonstrated as possible by the hackers. Security engineers Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller demonstrated last year how they can seize control of a car by connecting a laptop to the dashboard.

The new car models are going wireless. In fact, the next generations of Tesla and Audi automobiles are connected to the AT&T network, in way that wires won’t be needed to hack them.

The automotive app engineer at CA Technologies, Scott Morrison, says that the industry is very aware that these problems exist and they are taking it very seriously. The giant car companies as Tesla, Ford, Toyota and the others are working constantly to reduce the car’s vulnerability.