Top Must Note 7 New Year’s Resolutions!


It’s time to get prepared for the New Year, to wish her warmly welcome.
This is the best time of the year to find time, to rethink and to make some plans and must do resolutions for the next year.
Of course the most important thing is to stay healthy and with positive mood throughout the year.
But here are my 7 Must Note Resolutions, which in my opinion everyone must have on a small piece of paper in the wallet or in the smartphone … or some other smart device.



Live healthier

This is of course the most important thing. This is the perfect time to begin a new healthy way of leaving.
There is no excuse for an apology like I don’t have time to cook healthy, and that’s why I rather eat fast food.
Quit drinking and stop smoking and begin some new healthy habits!
There is always time with a good organization for preparing some healthy meal; You can start every day with some healthy daily routine.
For example you do not need too much time to squeeze one lemon in warm water every morning.
Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants the lemon is one of the best antioxidant and the best well tested energy booster.
It keeps your immune system strong, cleans your body from toxins, balances the pH Level of your body, clears the skin, makes it smooth and soft, reduces wrinkles, and automatically improves your mood.
Don’t forget to exercise. Find time for sport even half an hour a day, even if it is simply walking.
Sleep enough. It helps your healthy way of thinking and rest of your brain and of course good sleep is good for your heart.

Be more organized
If you have too many obligations, don’t force yourself.
Set priorities, make to do lists and concentrate on the prios first without panic.
And do not be afraid to make some new steps, which will bring a little more freshness into your everyday life.
Find time to learn something new every day!

Find time for the Family

Do not let the fast lifestyle to take away the precious moments of fellowship with your family and your dearest.
Find time for hanging out together, dinner, some concert or simply watch some interesting movie at home.
Turn off the notebook and tablet; find time to talk with your loved ones how you spent the day, laugh …

Find time for Love
Don’t forget your partner, because after all, the love is the biggest driving force on the earth!
So find time for your partner. If you are not married, and you don’t see your partner every day, find time for some interesting way to say I love You and you are important to me.
For example: Short and simple SMS on the morning and wish to have a good day.
If you are married or just live together do not forget some sympathetic gesture maybe some sticker on the fridge, with a beautiful thought or breakfast in bed …

Make a list with the top destinations, which you must visit this year. Let this list be realistic according to your income. Every trip is a new experience, brings new joys and new friendships …
You will be surprised by the fact at the end of the year that after the trips you are “richer person”.
Don’t forget to make top crazy pictures.

Don’t forget to laugh, because the laughing prolongs the life and makes you look younger

Excuse me, I’m sorry, Pardon!
Nowadays, when everyone knows everything, it is difficult to confront with someone to whom you have wronged consciously or unconsciously. Gather the courage and apologize! The anger and the tension in the soul will immediately disappear.