Top 6 Apple iOS 7 Photography App Features!


Apple earlier this week announced the release of their new operating system iOS 7.
The fans of Apple and of the new technological innovations looking forward the official release date.
Among the numerous impressive features iOS 7, there are also new applications aimed at photography.

So if you are passionate photographer like me and one of the most important “must have” features on your smartphone is a good camera and good photography apps, then Apple iOS 7 Photography App Features will surely attract your attention.

Here are the main offered features:

Increased speed


The section of images collection has been changed.
iOS7 offers big framework of all of your photos via giant map of photos. You can tap and hold on the framework and be able to view the photo better in a big format.


The photos will be now organized in different areas and locations, which allow you to browse them all very quickly. It will be easier way to find what you looking for.

There is also a sharing button at the bottom, which enables you to share your photos via Message, Mail, iCloud, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr and also there will be a brand new interface, which allows you to add filters right to your photography.
Yes, it will be like having Instagram built in to your camera!


You can find options like Copy, Slideshow, Save to Camera Roll, Assign to Contact, Use as Wallpaper or Print…

Apple introduced also another new sharing option called AirDrop, which lets you selecting people and share your photos with the iPhones wirelessly.
You can set the AirDrop option only to show people from your contact list and you can even turn it off totally!!!