Top 4 New Advancements in Technology!


Biometric Security

It is a science of using the human features finger marks, eyes and hands for identification of a person.

There are some discussions about the moral relation’s  in connection with the Biometric Security Technology, like that some parts of it (retina scans, fingerprints, facial or DNA identification) are impertinent,  disturb the privacy of the humans or simply make you feel like a criminal, who is constantly monitored.

The benefits of it are:

Biometric Security supplies above all as a personal security key and safety.

It’s something you don’t have to worry if you forget it or do not, because you have it with you in every moment.

You need not be afraid, if you forget or lose the password.

It offers facilitation and mobility.

Apple is always active and up to date when it comes to the benefits of the latest technology. This is also the case. The newest iPhone5 model has already this kind of technology, providing security for the owner and making simpler the using of the smartphone.

Touchscreen Laptops

The first prototype touchscreen laptop, known as Canova, was made by the Italian company V12 Design in 2004.

Nowadays Google introduced a new surprise for the fans of the new technological breakthroughs! It is a newest Chromebook, touchscreen laptop, with highlights, which Apple has not yet. It is faster, has thousands of apps and games, possibility for Video chat with 9 people at the same time, fast web loading for the web pages you continually use, with a 12.85-inch touch-sensitive screen and a resolution of only 2.560 x 1.700 pixels , with a 3:2 proportion screen, processor “Intel Core i5” and one terabytes free space “Google Drive” for three years. The basic Wi-Fi version will cost $ 1299 in the U.S. and £ 1049 in the UK.

Google revealed that the device is made ​​in Taiwan. Google will also launch a version with a built-in long-term evolution “LTE” system in cooperation with “Verizon”.

Google sunglasses

While Apple is working on the iWatch, Google has a big technology accessory on the way: Google Glasses – the glasses that will change everything! The glasses which will supersede the smartphone!

The developing started in 2010, but the prototype appeared last year 2012. The real-life version for the first time in a public wore Sergey Brin, American computer scientist, internet entrepreneur and co-founder of  Goggle, at a charity event in San Francisco.

The main features and benefits of the Google glasses or, also known as wearable computer are:

Little display screen

Super futuristic cool design

Android operating system

They offer the possibility for recording video or taking pictures while moving

Web browser

Hands-free access

Voice search function and fast access to needed data


There are also a lot of contra arguments for the glasses like:

Easily breakable

Disturb the attention; the people are more focused on the data on the sun glasses than on that that happens around them in the real life

Short battery life

Commercials that interfere and take attention

Disturbance of your privacy, you never know who is photographing or recording you on the street

In November 2012 the Google glasses were recognized as one of the Best inventions of the Year 2012, by the magazine Time.

According to Sergey Brin, the glasses will available on the market at the end of this year, for prices lower than $1,500.

NFC Near Field Communications

NFC is a short range wireless technology, connecting two devices or device and a small tag with stored information’s. The first drafts were published in 2002 jointly by NXP Semiconductors (formerly Philips) and Sony.

Data can be written and recognized on commuter chips inside the devices, using RFID protocol and radio waves.

The devices like smartphones, can establish NFC radio communication, being near in a few centimeters.

The major benefits are:


Saving time and energy

Mobile Payments

Share content more easily

Wireless Charging

Many people are afraid for the safety of their data and their privacy.

But NFC has hardware based security and security bodies like:

ETSI / SCP (Smart Card Platform)



Infineon Technologies

It will simplify our daily tasks. It will make our lives comfortable and we will have more time for doing things that bring us pleasure and joy. It will be evolution in the personal mobility!

MasterCard and Visa are members of the NFC community, names which guarantee security and safety.

With waving the smartphone over a poster or a “smart object” you can become information’s about some concert from the band on the poster, you can buy tickets online, or with waving the smartphone over a historical object you can find out more about the history of that object.

No more long waiting for payments in the supermarket, in the bank or for checking out on the airport.

The technology surprises us every day with something new!

It remains to us to stay informed and to use its benefits!

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