Top 4 Battery Brand Names Everyone Must Know!


All are good and special in their own way.

They have in common the fact that they are: Top Best Companies for batteries and global energy accessories like chargers, flashlights etc. … constantly introducing innovations and improving themselves!


Not just their motto is positive and optimistic: “Keep Challenging, Keep Going”. They are a company, which is happy for any new way of thinking and creating something individual, creative and functional.

Energizer simply greets any new and fresh idea, which helps the everyday functioning of individuals and society as a whole.

It is an American company that operates flawlessly on the market from the beginning, in the early 1980’s.

Increasing from one independent company, Energizer gowned up till date to a team with about 30 brands, like: Energizer®, Eveready®, Playtex® Schick®, Wilkinson Sword®, Hawaiian Tropic®, Banana Boat®, Wet Ones®, Wilkinson Sword®, Edge®, Skintimate® and much more … creating power solutions products for everyone like :


Led lights,


Personal care products,

Antibacterial wipes,

Shaving products

Feminine Care Products


Since its introduction in 2005 by Sanyo, Eneloop have revolutionized the ready to use rechargeable battery market. Eneloop sets new standards with its unique features: Ready to use rechargeable even after 3 years of storage and up to 1800 times!

Eneloop is perfect money save battery, which always comes pre-charged.

Special emphasis I will put on the Eneloop XX and the new “super-lattice-alloy”, which are even more improved technology with better capacity and even less self-discharge.

Ready to use

Low self-discharge (90% after one year, 70% after five years)

Long storage time

Applicable for all devices



Great Capacity

Performs great even at low temperatures

The Eneloops can be used with all devices: digital cameras, shavers, portable electronic games and TVs, radio controlled models, IC-recorders, flashlights …


Why you should trust Varta?

Because of its reputation and continuously maintaining of the market with quality and innovation.

The Varta journey has begun as a subsidiary of a company created by Adolph Müller, in Berlin Germany Accumulatorenfabrik Aktiengesellschaft (AFA).

Varta produces all kinds of newest batteries

Over the last century the technology for cars and batteries in that area has enormously raised

From the beginning until today Varta innovate and survive on top of the world’s best car companies. They produce batteries not just for standard cars, but also for vehicles with Start-Stop features, commercial vehicles, motorbikes, boats and caravans.

VARTA batteries are made to offer both effectiveness and loyalty.

They supply:


Less corrosion

Lower cost of ownership


Ansmann AG is German company concentrated on three business moments:


Industrial Solutions


They also surprise with the wide assortment of batteries, chargers, flashlights, nightlights …

Ansmann takes care about the environment. A good indicator of this is also the ANSMANN E-Bike, which is focused on eco-friendly mobility.

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