These Are the Best 5 Free To Play PC Games!


Gaming for many people means an expensive obsession.
Yes, definitely the game consoles together with the rig cost a lot. But compared to the pleasure they offer and also knowing the fact that these is a number of incredible free online games the costs about the consoles are insignificant.
Available for PC and Mac here is the list of the 5 free addicting games:

1. Planetside 2
It is battle, recreating of the game PlanetSide, that happens during the day and night.
This is the first game, which offers incredible Multiplayer first person adventure for free.
There is nothing more adventurous than offensive and duel with your enemies at each successive corner and coming out on top.
For real enjoying the game, you should learn something more about the game before starting to play.

2.Dota 2
Dota was originally created as a modification for Warcraft 3 and has become one of the most played online games worldwide, but Dota 2 is very much its own creature and also known as one of the most popular free-to-play games.

3.Tribes: Ascend
This is absolutely brilliant fast and furious game. It is a battle over gigantic maps with special weapons which make the game full of adrenaline.

If you are ready to pay some money you will you will be able to get better weapon and other perks, but also without it, the game is enough adventurous.

4. League of Legends

This is the multiplayer star winner in the free to play games family. The number of characters and maps, possibilities for teamwork and interesting maneuvers make the game special.

You will spend a time to master it and to get experience and routine of playing. But its definitely game worth to play.

5. Quest for Glory II VGA

Quest for Glory is also one of the free to play games which must be mentioned, it is favored by many of the passionate gamers.
It is a tale about two cities. The game has incredible hand drawn backgrounds and characters. It released for the first time in November 1990. Till today it has experienced many changes to get today’s character and title.

More about the game read here