The Truth About DURACELL!

DURACELL- durable cell icon


The beginning of the story is in the early 1920s. The meeting between the two creators of DURACELL the scientist Samuel Ruben and the businessman Philip Rogers Mallory in the Mallory’s Company, was completely spontaneous.

Ruben came to the Company looking for a part of equipment he needed for an examination.

And, as Steve Jobs used to say: “Creativity comes from spontaneous meetings”, these spontaneous meeting was the beginning of the creative DURACELL era.


This partnership, which lasted until Mallory’s death in 1975, was the foundation of Duracell.

In 1942 Samuel Ruben developed the so-called mercury cell, known also as non-rechargeable electrochemical battery, or primary cell. It was helpful particularly for military applications. The battery construction is based on long-term use (to 10 years) and stable voltage.

After the Second World War the principle of the mercury sells was overall used for equipment like: watches, hearing aids, radios, remote controls and calculators.

The mercury sells guaranteed more capacity packed into a small space being able to endure extreme weather conditions.

During the 1950s, Kodak introduces cameras with a flash design, which required a new cell size, and here begins the AAA battery story, made by Philip Rogers Mallory.

The new models of cameras on the market have increased new models of power cells.

Duracell as a brand was born in 1964, and is responsible for the capturing of many important moments in the people’s life and general in the history.

Duracell supported the earliest stays of the space flight including the first moon landing in 1969, powering the timer of the first experiment and seven emergency flashlights.

Duracell as smart choice is the first advertised battery on television. duracell-batteries

Today, the people around the world need Duracell daily for alarm clocks, toothbrushes, shaving machines, children’s toys, led lamp’s, or for searching monsters under the bed before sleeping :)!

Duracell gives power to their daily routines and smiles to their faces.

It is trusted everywhere and is improving constantly.

Duracell Bunny


Duracell bunny, was born in 1973 in USA.. It is advertising mascot of the brand Duracell.Duracell-Bunny-Sprinter

In North America, a similar rabbit is known as the Energizer Bunny.

The bunny promotes the DURACELL batteries with a trumpet. In the commercials it shows the longevity of the batteries compared with the no-name competitors.

There are numerous allusions to film and comics of the pink Duracell bunny.