The Nanotechnology will Make the Smartphones Brilliant Devices!


Its about concept, which will make the smartphones even smarter, offering seemingly impossible Features like hands free coffee maker, self cleaning, mouth harmonica built-in phone,  direct simultaneous translation into 50 different languages …

The futuristic smartphones will also offer the opportunity “recharging the cell phone through the body touch / heat” via so called Power Felt technology, developed by the scientists in the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials at Wake Forest University, North Carolina.

Dr. Tapani Ryhanen, Head of the NRC Cambridge UK laboratory, Nokia, said about this kind of technology:

“We hope that this combination of art and science will showcase the potential of nano science to a wider audience. The techniques we are developing might one day mean new possibilities in terms of the design and function of mobile devices.”

So: What are your expectations regarding nanotech ?!