The Most Beautiful Home with Sustainable Design Built For Just $9,000!

most-beautiful-house-steve areen-02

Steve Areen is a traveler, a dreamer but also achiever. His friend Hajjar Gibran gave him the idea to build a house offering him his own spot on his mango farm and Steve said yes. It is placed in northeast Thailand and with the help from his friend Hajjar and Hajjar’s son in law, he built the house in just 6 weeks. The things are cheaper in Thailand, so the cost of the basic structure was about $6,000. Adding to these the $3,000 spent for all the details and décor, the total cost of the house reached only $9,000. We must admit that the house is so beautiful and it seems like a piece of heaven. The most exiting news is that Steve travels often, so he offers the house for “Dome Stays”. He only asks from the guests to give it some loving and help him with costs by making a small donation. So if you really liked this house don’t wait, it can be your next travel destination. You can contact Steve Areen directly here !