The Light that Shines – Story and Photo Shooting Which will Leave you Speechless


Looking for an idea for interesting text to my blog, I came across the photos and video about Jill Brzezinski-Conley, “Vegas party girl”, as she describes herself …

The video gave me goosebumps and saddened me, but also motivated me to share it with you as a beam that illuminates and gives power to fight, to win the bad and to continue the walk through the life happily!

This is not a story about cancer. This is a story about a girl, beautiful, strong and above all amazing and powerful!

The photo session was made in Paris by the photographer Sue Bryce.

The pictures and the documentary show the results of the Paris trip and portraits of Jill, her positive spirit and fight for life!

I’m sharing it with all of you on my blog, because I think is a real motivating story and as I mentioned the blog is “Your Invaluable Source for Energy Info”

…  and because Jill has incredible invaluable energy this text takes the right place here, as invaluable motive power for the life

I wish you all the best Jill from the bottom of my Heart!