The iPad Pro: Release Date and iPad Specs!


Get prepared for the upcoming jumbo sized iPad Pro that will be probably launched later this year. The rumours say that the new iPad will feature a lengthy 12.9-inch display. With this dimension the new iPad Pro will replace the 11.6-inch display on the MacBook Air and it is nearly identical to the 13.3-inch retina MacBook Pro display. It follows that larger tablets with traditional PC features are the next level in the mobile computing.  Also the display will probably come with choice of two resolutions: 2K panel with lightly expanded aspect ratio compared with the traditional Full HD panel and a great high-res 4K alternative.
4G LTE connectivity and a keyboard are also between the potential characteristics of the newest iPad. The users would like to see the addition of USB and Thunderbolt ports which would allow the use of accessories such as mouse and additional storage. The promised feature of the Touch ID that was abandoned in the models of iPad Mini with Retina Display and Air would be really welcomed in this new model.
The really intriguing question is either the iPad Pro will feature dual iOS-mobile and OS X-desktop/laptop modes. In the past, Apple CEO Cook rejected the idea for producing hybrid computing device like the Microsoft Surface. But, whether the company has decided after all to create a Laptop-iPad hybrid? Remains to be seen later this year. Regarding the fact of the consuming of this product, there are many potential users that prefer larger display than maximum portability. If you are between those users who use the iPad in one or two locations, with preferences on productivity tasks, the iPad Pro will be the perfect product for you.

Can’t you also wait to see the new iPad Pro?

Will you buy this product with the potential features we’ve indicated or your choice will rather be a Surface or Galaxy instead? Let us know your opinion and your suggestions about the features you would like to see in the new iPad Pro.