The Connection of Smoking with Hair Loss


Stop smoking. It is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. It gives you a heart attack, a stroke, and many other severe health defects. It will eventually kill you. It is also harmful to the people around you. The smoke that comes from your cigarette has the same effects on them as they have on you. Secondhand smoke also causes psychosis and sudden infant death syndrome. Cigarettes can also burn your house when left unattended. If these things don’t matter to you, here’s something you might listen to: smoking makes you ugly by making you look extremely old, way older than your actual age.

It Makes You Wrinkled and Gray

Smoking affects your skin. It causes your skin to look old early on in your life. When you light a cigarette, it creates a combustion. The combustion contains toxins. When you inhale the smoke of tobacco, you inhale all the toxins with it. The toxins reach your lungs. After some time of smoking cigarettes, the toxins will spread toward the insides of your head and the rest of your body. The toxins become so numerous in your body that they penetrate your DNA and alter its data. The altering of your DNA speeds up your aging, making your skin wrinkle quickly and your hair turn gray even when you are still young.

It Makes You Bald

As much as it makes you look so old by giving you wrinkles and turning your hair gray, smoking also causes baldness. The toxins in tobacco smoke cause damage to the DNA of hair follicles, controlling the development of the hair during their growth and leading to micro-inflammation that eventually causes hair to fall. The fallen hair will not grow back again. Smoking will make you bald like an extremely old man. People will presume you to be older than your actual age. Did you know that women naturally find men with hair loss unattractive?

Quit By Switching to E-cigarettes

One way to stop smoking in order to prevent hair loss is through e-cigarettes. You can still smoke, get your dose of nicotine, and taste tobacco. But you will not do these with a real tobacco cigarette anymore. You will do these using an electronic cigarette, a little device that contains a container for the flavor and nicotine. You can choose Tobacco Vape Juice for your e-cigarette to ensure the feeling of not stopping smoking at all. E-cigarettes may let you feel like you did not miss anything from your usual cigarette break, but they make you miss the toxins and the hair loss that real tobacco cigarettes bring. Hair loss is something worth missing.

Quit Through Exercise

Exercise may be not the top recommended technique to quit smoking, but it can distract you from your cravings when you are trying to quit smoking. It will also get the systems of your body working properly again, letting you decide better. Plus, exercise can fight away the problems that smoking has already brought you like hair loss. Jog around your neighborhood on Saturdays or clean your whole house. You can also get serious about exercise by joining a sports team or visiting the gym frequently to build your muscles so that you look good.

Quit By Eating Healthy

Just like exercise, having a healthy diet is not the top recommended technique to quit smoking. But it’s still one of the techniques to quit smoking. If chewing gums help smokers quit, then why wouldn’t actual food? Besides, you will be eating nutritious foods like vegetables and fruits. They will have the same effects on you as exercise. They will cause your body to function normally again, they will cure your smoking-related problems like hair loss, and they will make you good-looking. Make sure to add some seafood into your diet, because seafood is nutritious also.


Believe it or not, but stopping smoking actually reverses the effects of tobacco on you. After a few minutes when you stop smoking, your heart rate returns to normal. After several years of not smoking, your health gets restored to a state that is like the health of a person who never smoked. Isn’t it fantastic? Let these wonderful facts be an inspiration for you to quit smoking right now.