The 5 Most Successful Girls In The World Of Gaming!


70% of the world professional gamers belong to the members of the male sex.

There are not many girls who play video games professionally, but those that do earn more than a solid number.
e-Sports earnings published a list of 100 women who earn the most from playing video games, including prizes from tournaments, and from the sponsorship from companies.

5. Vanessa “oVAN3SSAo” Arteaga – 20,000 dollars from 2 competitions
Most of the money that she earned from gaming, Vanessa won playing “Dead or Alive 4” when she bring home $15,000.

4. Sarah “Sarah Lou” Harrison – 50,000 dollars from 1 competition
Sarah Lou earned $50,000 from a championship in 2008, playing “Dead or Alive 4”.

3. Marjorie “Kasumi Chan” Bartell – 50,000 dollars from 1 competition
1 year before Sarah Harrison took the prize, Marjorie was the “Dead or Alive 4″ champ.

2. Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn – 81,282 dollars from 30 competitions
“Scarlett” Hostyn is a Canadian “StarCraft II” gaming girl who broke onto the scene in 2011. She’s taken 1th place in 7 tournaments.

1. Katherine “Mystik” Gunn – 122,000 dollars from 3 competitions
“Mystik” made $22,000 dollars playing Dead or Alive 4, but made the big bucks taking home the championship title playing Halo: Reach.