Terribly Awesome Apple Watch for $349 – Features and Release Date!


Last night in Cupertino (California). The presentation of the new generation iPhone is running. Apple boss Tim Cook is on stage – he liked to save the best for last, so at the end he makes the assertion that all have been waiting for: “One more thing …” sais he. The room cheers “WE Have One more thing” – We believe that this product will redefine what the people expect from its category – The Apple Watch! That is the expected iWatch!

“One more thing…” with this phrase Jobs made the biggest announcements – the new incredible thin MacBook, for example, or also the new iPod announcement …
Remarkable for this presentation in Cupertino is that Apple said ‘One more thing’ for the first time since Steve Jobs’ death.

“One more thing” – was Cooks big moment: that moment, when he for the first time steps of the Jobs’ shadow, tree years after Jobs’death he announced product in which Jobs had no part in.
He raised his hand in the air, unexpected, but it was his own sufficient sign of joy.
He also promised to move further into new categories!

Have a good time with the Apple Watch!
Now the it is already Out. ISN’T LIFE BEAUTIFUL?!
After the internet in the laptop bag, then in your pocket, now Apple offers us the world on the wrist!
You wonder who actually need this product! Your question is wrong.
The people need it and want to have it!

The clock is available in different housings (stainless steel, aluminum and gold) and with interchangeable watchbands.
The watches only work in interaction with the iPhone. They have a touch screen, but can be also operated with a small scroll wheel on the side.
Cook called the Apple Watch “the most personal device we have ever made”.

What the Apple Watch really can?

As mentioned, the Apple Watch was the star of Apple’s event on Tuesday in Cupertino.
Despite all technical data of the two new iPhones we heard and read, there was nothing announced about the Watch. That made the wonderful surprise even sweeter.

So here are the features:

The Apple Watch acts like a smartphone on the wrist.
It has an independent operating system which collects own and others’ apps dynamically on the home screen.

The functions you can select with the “digital crown” on the right edge. With this you scroll through menus, apps or zooms into the display.

For the Watch Apple used Sapphire crystal, the second hardest material after the diamond.


The clock uses its own processing unit with processor, acceleration and heart rate monitors.

On the back side are visibly attached four sensors. The sensor differentiates between standing, walking and sports; Activities and rest periods are recognized.

With GPS and wireless LAN of the connected iPhones the clock can also record distances. To connect with Bluetooth is required at least one iPhone 5 with iOS 8.

The watch doesn’t have own wireless module.

It supports the newest Apple’s payment system Apple Pay.

Furthermore, the Apple Watch dominates compared to the standard repertoire of the current Smart Watches: display news, messages, and calls via the connected iPhone, control music playback, and even the navigation along with map display. Even the photos of the iPhone will be displayed on the clock. In addition, you can start Siri and ask, for example, according to the current cinema program.
The screen resolution and the battery life remain unclear. The watch battery is charged with an inductively working adapter that docks at the bottom.

However those who want to have own it must be patient. The Apple Watch comes early next year on the market and will cost $349 in America.

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