Surprisingly Simple Recharge Your Devices Outdoor: The New Solar Powered Portable Socket!


The solar energy is the science field that offers a numerous potential of innovations. One of them is the brand new portable solar powered window socket. Have you ever find yourself with low battery on your mobile phone, without any socket in your nearness, waiting for an important phone call? Do you want to save money on electricity using the solar energy? Or you are a collector of all the innovative gadgets? It doesn’t matter your reason, you simply going to love it!

In the moment, we have at our disposal solar-powered backup battery devices. Anyhow, none of them offers a direct plug-in like the window socket. That is the principal attribute of this gadget that pick it out from the others backup battery devices. It is a creation of Kyuho Song & Boa Oh, Korean designers that had an idea to create a “Product intended to enable you to use electricity freely and conveniently in a space restricted in the use of electricity, such as in a plane, a car, and outdoors. Thus, this product was meant to draw out a socket used indoors outward. We tried to design a portable socket, so that users can use it intuitively without special training.”

It is a portable plate-based solar converter that suctions onto glass and functions as a standard electrical socket. Stick it on any window: in the office, in your car, at home, in the train on the side where there is enough sunlight and this device starts automatically to covert the sunlight into electrical power. The device contains a 1000 mAh battery – equivalent to a smartphone’s lithium-ion. The battery takes 5-8 hours to get fully charged. Than can be taken off the window and carried to any place while in use – including on the go. There is only one disadvantage: the battery only lasts for 10 hours. Unfortunately, it won’t be capable to power a device that requires a high voltage like a boiler or vacuum cleaner, but can represent a nice solution for mobile gadgets or less power-intensive devices.

Are you going to use it in your daily life? I would, with pleasure…