Sony World Photography Awards


The World Photography Organisation (WPO) is an international organisation which organizes events and competitions for amateur and professional photographers, sponsored by Sony and therefore also known as Sony World Photography Awards

The event has taken place in Cannes since 2007, and in 2011 moved in London.

Other events organized by the World Photography Organisation are:

World Photography Student Focus Competition

World Photography Festival

World Photography Collection

World Photography Focus Programme

If you are nonprofessional photographer or a photography lover, than Sony World Photography Awards is appropriate competition for you.

The competition offers 10 categories, ranging from Action to Travel, with no limits on age or experience.

There are three levels Student, Open and Professional.

Most important is: the photography should arouse interest, should be special, unique and creative.

Important to know: If you take part in this event, you will not be able to participate in the Youth Award or Professional Competition!

The main award is: Iris d’Or, cash prize and the title “Sony World Photographer of the Year”!

I share with you some of the winning photos, and photos, which I find most interesting!

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Photographer of the Year in the 2013, made by Andrea Gjestvang, part of the project “One day in history”  part of the project, of the survived young people in the massacre on the island of Utoeya on 22nd of July 2011


Asian Elephants Herd, Daniela White, UK


100 Smiles, Ata Mohammad Adnan, Bangladesh


Cebula, Mac Kwan, China


Dude, Simon Boughton


Everthing’s – (dis)connected, Christine Simpson, Ireland


Hamer girl in Turmi, Ethopia, Pascal Maannaerts Belgium


Winner, Professional, People category. part of the project “One day in history”  part of the project, of the survived young people in the massacre on the island of Utoeya on 22nd of July 2011, Iselin Rose Borch (15)


O flamingo, Ricardo Venerando, Brazil


Winner, Professional Sports. Olympic journey 2012 image from the Olympic sports competition from London 2012 Olympic Games on July 25, 2012 in London, England


Winner, Professional Contemporary Issues. Prisons of South America


Two old friends are telling each other jokes – Huu Hung Troung, Vietnam


Winner, Professional Current Affairs: Personality and society. Reality vs illusions


Student Focus Photographer of the Year, Natalia Wiernik


Youth Photographer of the Year – Traditions. New Year’s eve traditions in Romania