Sony vs GoPro! Which One is better?!


Does the GoPro Hero action camera finally have appropriate competitor?

Sony is already proven quality company in the market, but is widely known that the action camera market is dominated by the GoPro Hero Camera.

Sony have definitely tried to overcome GoPro!

Sony’s new FDR-X1000V Action Cam has at least one maneuver up over its famous GoPro rival.
The wearable camera, constructed like a miniature Handy-cam, is aimed at those who want to capture their adventures with no angle left unseen.
Under the motto “Go bigger, faster, higher, harder. Action Cam gets the shot – you’ll get all the glory” you can take this fearless camera to the surf, when you’re free-falling from a plane, for skating or snowboarding to capture your favorite rush action.
Available accessories like strap let you attach the camera to your board, helmet, bike or boat and capture the smooth moves like you see them, while you have both hands free.

The Carl Zeiss Lens increases your perspectives with 170-degree view.
We all know that some of the best shoots are happening when the lights goes down. This camera shines also in low light sensitivity with its back-illuminated Exmor R™CMOS sensor.

At the end you can enjoy all your captured and recorded memories with the PlayMemories Online, which stores and organizes all your recorded data in one place.
Sony as well as GoPro has a dog mount ideal for enjoyment with your dog in any adventure outdoor.

The camera is very similar to the GoPro and it definitely delights!

However, Sony’s controls are more complicated, than by GoPro cameras. So you have number of menus to navigate opposed to Go Pro, which offers you simple and easy navigation even though it has one less button!