Solar Powered Cars Challenge in 1,200 km Race!


The next Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge will take place from 16 to 19 of January 2015.

There will arrive several hundred university students from all over the world and build 20 solar powered cars for a 1200 km race for a healthier and better Earth.
The constructed cars will run exclusively on solar energy and they wouldn’t be made for commercial use, but for technological and educational purpose.
The organizers have already sent invitations to the top university car teams from Europe, Australia, America and Asia.
Once the students build the cars, a team of professionals will test their safety for the next four days. The event director Nabih Bedewi says that they will have students building cars, which will be drived at high speed on the road, so they have a team of over 100 people that will work on the event to ensure the safety of everyone.
The cars will be sports-type cars and they will have a futuristic look. The students will manage to come up with ways to make the cars faster whereas that the solar-powered engines produce a lot less energy than conventional ones.

The president of the International Solar Car Federation, Hans Tholstrup, says that when he started, the solar cars could be driven at 23kmph and nowadays the solar cars reach 100kmph.

He was the first to build a solar car back in 1982. The car was named “Quiet Achiever” and he drove it across Australia. The constructor was applauded for his efforts and he invited the car companies to come up with better designs of the car.
In that way, in 1987 took place the inaugural of the World Solar Car Challenge, but none of the cars go into productions, their mission is to inspire technology.
The deadline for the team registration is August 1.