Solar Energy – Never Ending Resource!


We are living in an existing time of the human history. The elegant formula E= mc2 is a mathematical description of the process, that powers the sun, which tells us that a small amounts of mass can be converted to a huge amount of energy.

The so called clean energy of the sun is one of the most important natural resources, which allows renewable energy and definitely better life and future. The solar energy cannot be exhausted. Is it worth the cost? Without question! This energy is priceless!!!

Here comes the sun!!!solar-panels-generate-electricity

The main advantage of solar energy is that the sun shines for free. Only cost the equipment, but it is a one-time cost. The equipment maintenance is minimal compared to the benefits of solar panels. For those who want to simplify the life and reduce the electricity bill the solar panels are the right solution!

Concentrated Photovoltaic is technique, which allows us the Konrad-and-Wüstefeld-Photovoltaicmost effective form of solar power, by converting solar radiation into direct electric power.

Konrad und Wüstefeld Photovoltaik systems is a kind of a Photovoltaic system set, which includes 3 x 220 Wp solar module, inverter, solar cable and installation accessories.

With Konrad und Wüstefeld Photovoltaik systems you can use your self-generated power directly into your own home.

You are independent and you make your own energy system transformation by

solar-panels- at home

connecting the panels to the home network. If you don’t spend excess energy, it can be redirected, for example for heating water in the water heater.
As soon as the sun shines, you will feed your self-generated power directly into your house, you don’t need a contract with an electricity supply company and you don’t have to observe any tax implications.

You reduce the electricity consumption and these results with saving a considerable amount of your money.

Assembling of PV system is in fact very easy. You should have basic knowledge’s of carpentry and electrical wiring and follow the general instruction manual.

Using of solar panels is environmentally friendly and in addition to environmental protection