Sky Has No Limits – Electronic Devices Now Allowed During The Flight!


Two weeks before the The Federal Aviation Administration FAA allowed using of electronic devices during the entire flight, by the end of 2013, supporting it with explanation that
“most commercial airplanes can tolerate radio interference signals from PEDs”.
This permission is also allowed by the European Aviation Safety Agency – EASA.

A year ago passenger was arrested because of the using his cellphone while the plane was landing.
Thomas K. Eismin, Professor of Aviation Technology at Purdue University , author of two books about aircraft electricity & electronics does researches about electronic & technologies associated with modern computerized aircraft. He announced that there is no place to worry – “flying public should have no fear”. He made a flight and during the flight he wrote an article during the flight. He said:

“Early PEDs used more energy and emitted more electromagnetic energy. Remember how big the battery was in your first laptop?”
“if you are a member of the flying public, don’t worry, use your PED and enjoy the ride.”
“These comments were written using my tablet device aboard a flight from Indianapolis to Dallas.”

EASA plans also to allow soon making phone calls during a flight.