Say Welcome to the World’s First 3D Printer Objet500 Connex3!


Stratasys the world’s pioneer in 3D printing launched the first 3D printer Objet500 Connex3 based on the impressive “PolyJet 3D” technology.
The company produces 3D equipment and articles directly via digital data making the 3D printed articles more available than ever.
It is good for everyone, for the manufacturers for easy manufacturing of 3D articles and prototypes, for the scientists, engineers, artists and designers to improve the research and the learning, for every household and also it is good as a hobby to create creative presents and inventions.
The company uses these three types of technologies:
FDM Technology (Fused Deposition Modeling)
PolyJet Technology, also known for its smooth technology able to combine multiple materials in one part
SCP Technology (Smooth Curvature Printing) for producing for models with small fine details
They have about 500 manufacturing patents worldwide.
They say: “We are passionate believers in the value and power of 3D printing, and in the change it can bring to the world.”
They product, also known as the world’s first full- color machine Objet500 Connex3 is the first 3D printer in the world, that produces incredibly colored prototypes with a range of more than 46 and multi-material flexible, clear and durable components.
The idea is that anyone who has the inspiration and creativity can be able to make a brilliant article, inspired by the imagination and the numerous possibilities, so everyone can produce 3D articles with love and passion. With your 3D product you will definitely wow your dearest and also your clients; with less effort you will produce more excellent articles via implemented “triple-jetting” technology.
The device will cost around £200,000 ($330,000) and it will help industrial designers to reduce the time it takes to bring prototypes to market by 50 % and it will the time saver for the manufacturers.
With the printer the materials like rubber and plastic, can be combined to end products with widely range of flexibility, transparency and opacity.
This kind of technology will definitely bring freshness in the production of 3D printed articles worldwide, and offer new different experience the clients never had before.