Saatchi Gallery Offers You the Possibility – Tell Your Own Creative Motion Photography Story


Simon McCheung – An Underwater Spell

The occurrence of the Smartphones Era contributes to the field of art via development of new types of creative photos and videos without additional special tools and no need for additional knowledge’s and know-how.
Saatchi Gallery situated in London, in the last 15 years offered to the art-audience 10 of the 15 favored and most visited exhibition’s in London.
This Saatchi Gallery is visited by about 600,000 people every year!
It is supported and partnered with many sponsors.
Entering to all exhibitions is free of charge!
With this, the gallery becomes closer to everyone and allows everyone to enjoy a new different experience from the world of the Photography.
Saatchi Gallery together with Google+ Announce offers you the possibility to share the enjoyment of photographing Motion Photography and to win The Motion Photography Prize! It started on 5th February.

The first category is called Landscape. Each following category will be introduced week by week.
They are inviting the artists from all over the world to be a part of the exhibition as a new creative art form.
Tell your own creative Story and Submit your Motion Photograph here – Google+
The Saatchi Gallery gives the chance to everyone whose photos have been rarely or never exhibited in the UK to share with the world the work and creative ideas. Enjoy!