Quick and Interesting About Zweibrüder, Led Lenser & Leatherman

The producer of the world’s famous led lamp LED Lenser is Zweibrüder Optoelectronics GmbH.

Zweibrüder Optoelectronics GmbH is a leading producer in the field of optoelectronics located in Solingen, Germany.


Zweibrüder is also known as LED Lenser. The company is official distributor of the brand LED Lenser flashlights and Leatherman multi-tools in Germany.

The products sold by the name LED Lenser are the worldwide market leader within manufacturer of LED light fixtures.

In 1993 the twins Rainer and Harald Opolka started to work in a garage corporation by the name Zweibrüder Stahlwarenkontor GmbH in Berlitz, southwest of Berlin. It was a trading company for knives, scissors and other steel products.


The company moved to the new home Solingen in 1997. There is still their headquarters.

In 2002 the company changes its name to Zweibrüder Optoelectronics GmbH. The name Zweibrüder comes from the German word Zweibrüder, which means “two brothers”.

Today the company has over 1000 employees in Germany and China and is one of the world’s leading companies of LED metal flashlights.

led-lenser-X7R-rechargeableIn September, 2011 the company presented the world largest flashlight in Solingen, at the Festival of Lights and entered into the Guinness Book of World Records.

It was not just a huge four meters long flashlight, but also a Led lamp that provided highest performance, power and efficiency, feautured by 19 high-powered LED lights and offered 230 hours of work.

Today, the Led lights are much more effective than the standard bulbs and 1000 times longer lasting than standard lights.

Zweibrüder products:

Led Lenser Flashlights and Headlamps

led-lenser-H14-head-lampHigh quality LED torches and lamps with Innovative design offer incredible light output and amazing headlight range.

The innovative Led Lamps have startling intensity and a sophisticated concept of operations. Performance and flexibility are their main features. They are continuously focusable and swiveling with intelligent mounting system. The Smart Light Technology offers several light programs with different functions, so that for every situation the appropriate light levels.

Also the professional diving torches provide excellent focal strength underwater.


Leatherman products: knives, lights, multi tools, and accessories are designed to help people in expected and unexpected situations.

Key lightsLeatherman

The first LED lamp, the brothers named Photon Pump, product which features super long duration of up to 200 hours! The name comes from the physical process, especially the way of the light emission of the laser, which reminded the creators of a function of a pump, which moves photons.

MoneySaver – solution with footswitch

You have the opportunity to switch off all electronic devices, for example, the computer, while the power adapters are still connected. That saves your money, but it also significantly shortens the product life of your expensive appliances.

Intelligent Clip

Intelligent-Filter-SetThe Intelligent Clip is a smart idea, which allows you to attach quickly your flashlight on the pants or belt. Thereby you always have by your side real friend and both hands free.

Pianglo, deformable LED sculpture. Moppel likeable lamp which can be mounted with magnetic feet or suction cups.


Pepper pump, one-handed pepper mill with titanium grinder.

Innovative Zweibrüder articles bring freshness on the market and a new look technology, trendy and practical at the same time.The fact is that we need and we use Zweibrüder articles and as the people of Zweibrüder would say “no one can deny that flashlights can really be our ‘savers’.