PS4 Software Update 1.50 Must Know Details and Features


The next generation game console, more powerful than PS3, announced in Juni 2013 is officially ready for the gamers. The result came out after tree mounts of rumors and speculations.

It is definitely the strongest play station ever, with over 1. 000 000 pre-ordered units.

Most important thing if you already have PS is how to install the newest 1.50 system software to download it via internet on the official Sony PlayStation page, through disc based update or via USB. Please be aware, because International Business Times and Sony are not responsible for any damages or losing data and the update is at your own risk.

Here are the Must Know Features of it:

PS4 offers you now the possibility to play the games you want, while they’re downloading

The PS Vita system enables you to play the game on a great 5’’ system online via local Wi-Fi network with 8 friends and talk with them via Voice Chat
There is also a special PlayStation App which enables the smartphones and tablets to have a second screen for the PS4 system and download games from the device to the PS4 console at home and then later after work you can play your favorite game from home and also interact with other players online via DualShock wireless controller and share the last 15 minutes of the game with your friends via Facebook or Twitter.

The PlayStation 4 offers you simply new horizons and incredible journey through the impressive games and features with more memory: GDDR5 8GB, ultra-fast processor, new design & more than 180 000 games

Simply Log-in to your PS4 console using your face and control it with your voice via Facial Recognition and Voice Commands. The Voice command enables you also to navigate the PS4.

So, play, enjoy and hear music via Background Music Player while playing!

The systems lead architect Mark Cerny announced: “We wanted to build the world’s more powerful game console. We are going to allow the gamers to play the game on the way they wanted to.” And they did it!