PS4 News: Futuridium EP Deluxe one of the Best PS4 Games Free on PC and Mac!


One of the best PS games is free on the market for all gamers that want good game with great features and also interesting futuristic name.

The co-founder Mauro Fanelli spoke about the game characteristics. At the beginning he explained the moment how he came to the idea about the game and the name. He explained, he together with his team didn’t think a lot about it, he just developed the classic adventure totally naturally.

“Since we had some ideas about a low poly shoot ’em up with some game-play twists, we just did it, first as a free PC/Mac game, then as a more complete iOS port and, finally as a fully-fledged game on PS4 and PS Vita. Since we love the genre, it was just natural for us to do it, and we are really happy with the results.”

It is cross-buy 50 levels long game in 5 different areas with 5 bosses and 5 bonus levels. It is defined like classic game with modern twist & 45 minutes long soundtrack.

And … for those of you wondering how large the game is, the new campaign is “50 levels long action, with an original 45 minutes soundtrack and flashy glitched graphic and cool aesthetic.

What is the game about?
It is story when the player is a pilot stuck in hole loop fighting and destroying big ships. After that you have passed the level and become more energy.
The game is totally fluent with 180 degree a turn which makes the game even more entertaining
The music itself makes also great job!

It’s FREE on PC, MAC and (soon) Linux. So grab it and enjoy it!