Preview of the 10 Apple Design Awards Winners 2013!


Except promoting the new software Apple iOS 7 and the new top products on the World Developers Conference 2013, Apple also announced the app Winners of the new innovative applications in multiple categories like design & technology.

This year’s Apple winner apps are combination of fun and games which bring sweet dependence and also two apps from students.

Here are the respected winners:

WWF Together

application which takes you on an unforgettable journey and fellowship with exotic animals and rare species like tigers, giant pandas, polar bears … via beautiful photos, design, sounds and inventive interactions.
iTunes Preview

Procreate is a perfect app for artists and people who want art, with sets of pencils and brushes. It is art studio, which you can control with your fingertips, allowing you to preview the brushes and the other drawing tools before purchasing them.
iTunes Preview

Badland is an app, standout game, special designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, taking place in an idyllic forest. It is platform for apps and adventures, offering you single or multi-player mode a& giving you the feeling that you don’t want to stop playing.

Badland is also defined as one of the best experiences on iOS.
iTunes Preview

Yahoo! Weather
Wetter app, which offers you slightly different weather forecasting. It is available in 30 languages.
-Yahoo Weather combines stunning photos with the most accurate forecasts, amazing images and actual weather forecasting, including date info’s, location and current conditions.
iTunes Preview

Perfect combination of fun and strategy, simple word game, which offers you the ability to play with your friends using of Game Center!
iTunes Preview

Ridiculous Fishing
Ridiculous Fishing game Story of Fishing in retro style, combined with humor.
iTunes Preview

Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders is a game in the stile of World War II available in 10 languages. This game offers you fighting-experience through fleets, ships and planes.
iTunes Preview

Coda 2
Coda 2 is the Best ever created code for changing your web, with number of features and creative organization, offering you great web solution and in the same time endless enjoyment.
iTunes Preview


Evernote 5 is a great application for those who cannot live without their planners and notes, available in 25 languages.

iTunes Preview

And the student winners are:


Finish, created by Ryan Orbuch and Michael Hansen from a High School in Colorado, offering you simple way to create your to do and tasks lists and also sharing them with your friends or colleagues via Facebook and twitter.
iTunes Preview

Innovated by MIT students Ishaan Gulrajani , Alex List and Zain Shah. This app allows fancy application and above all fun and play. You can form a mosaic of images combined with two or more iOS 7 devices.
iTunes Preview