Outstanding Must Have For Geeks This Winter: Touchscreen Gloves!


Answer any call at any temperature
In the wintertime we all face the notorious problem of taking off the gloves to answer a phone call or text a message. But this winter you don’t have to freeze your hands while using your phone or iPad. In the marketplace you can find the new revolutionary product: Touchscreen Gloves!

How it works
Capacitive touchscreens function by sensing the conductive feature of our skin. The capacitive touchscreen panels are commonly made of glass that acts like insulating agent and a conductive material like indium tin oxide or ITO, so current is run through the panel. By touching the screen with another electrically conductive object like our fingers, the electrical current that being run through the screen is disrupted; that results with action on the display.
Unfortunately, the ordinary gloves are dense enough to insulate the conductivity of your body. Seeing that the conductivity is the crucial element in the use of the touchscreen devices, many companies have started creating gloves of conductive materials or with conductive materials sewn into the fingertips.

There are different kinds of touchscreen gloves. Some are restricted to functionality in one or two fingertips. Better than these are the touchscreen gloves that have no restriction in the use, that is they enable you to use any fingertip, even your knuckles and palm of your hand.

Producers usually use knitted silver-coated nylon fibers in the texture to make the gloves conductive. If you prefer wearing leather gloves, you can freely do it. You can find them in the leather variant in which the revolutionary nanotechnology that is integrated into the material keeps the properties of the human skin so they are touchscreen compatible. The leather fully maintains its characteristics; that allows the wearer ultimate comfort and proficiency just like any other glove.


The designers are trying to better the crucial elements of the gloves: insulation, anti-pilling properties, fit and aesthetics. To develop the new texture they spend a lot of hours texting in icebox. The result is the mixture of insulation and conductivity. Some designers create one size gloves that thanks to its elasticity can fit in every hand; some others have designed them in different size so the gloves can perfectly fit on your hand. There are also gloves in different colors and design so you won’t have any problem finding the perfect gloves for you and enjoying your technology gadgets in the cold weather. The leather gloves are wind and waterproof.

Compatible with every touchscreen

Most of the touchscreen gloves are compatible with almost every touchscreen devices including your iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, LG, HTC or whatever phone you are using. The gloves can work even on your iPad.