Nokia is Finally Coming Back!


According to the website Recode, Nokia at the beginning of the next year will come back again to the market of smart phones with new innovations, smartphones and projects involving virtual reality, after the expiration of a two years ban of selling smartphones.

“They have a lot of great stuff in development,” former Nokia executive Richard Kerris informed Recode. “It gave me complete confidence that Nokia is a company that is not going away.”

Рesponsible for new smart phones will be the department Nokia Technologies, which owns n more than 10 thousand patents.

The new smartphone will be designed in this department, but will be produced by other companies, which will receive a license to sell the device under the name Nokia.

One thing is clear, the giants like Apple and Samsung will get a competitor which will motivate them to produce better smartphones, and the consumers will get another good option for choosing and buying super smartphone!