NFC Near Field Communications Facts, Benefits, Secure Mobile Payment Via Smartphones!


Knowing the pros and cons of the newest new technological breakthroughs is good.
Firstly because knowing the benefits will bring benefit to you and improve your everyday life. But knowing cons will help you to protect yourself and your personal data.
You probably already have heard what Near Field Communication means. Maybe you already use it.
But here’s again a short definition and interesting information’s you surely want and need to know!

What is NFC?
Near field communication (NFC) is a combination of standards (defined by the NFC Forum) for smartphones and smart devices created to provide radio communication (RFID ) between each other by touching them together or bringing them into proximity.
The NFC Forum, was created in 2004 by Nokia, Philips Semiconductors and Sony. Today the forum family has more than 160 members.
It is also defined as communication between two ending points (devices) or device and NFC chip – tag via Radio-frequency identification (RFID).

Difference between NFC and Bluetooth
Some people get confused about the difference between NFC and Bluetooth.
The main difference is that the Bluetooth connects 2 devices up to 32 feet away, and NFC can connect 2 devices at max. distance of about 4 cm, or range of about 1.5 inches. Via NFC the devices can “collaborate” to each other with a single wave without any steps needed for activation and also consumes less energy of your smart device.

Ease and simple usage!
The near field communications you can use for payments, electronic tickets, very easy and simple connecting with your friends, sharing data, playing games, print photos and also one of the most important benefits  is the versatility or flexibility (you can check out very rapidly in the store, purchase and pay the article you need or simply get information from a smart poster or smart cultural monument).
When it comes to shopping, NFC is the rival of the iBeacon!
Via NFC You can also buy your ticket for a concert and check in on the entrance directly via your smartphone.
Forget about the carrying numbers of credit cards in your wallet and taking care about it not to forget the password, forget about the lost tickets.
The most important usage of the NFC is in the field of the healthcare by storing data about the patient health and monitoring the history via NFC via secure server.

Is NFC secure Enough?
Storing data on this way and using the data through this type of technology seems a bit strange and dangerous to everyone.
But it is the most secure storing of your data till now and of course the “digital wallet” is more secure than your “normal wallet”.
No one can use your cards and data until you unlock them with your password.
This restricts the hackers from stealing your data.
MasterCard and Visa have also already implemented NFC.
They are already members of the NFC forum. They enabled NFC usage for their customers via so called “tap and go” option, or applications: MasterCard’s PayPass or Visa’s payWave.
The both companies are members of the NFC Forum.
Deutsche Bahn also implemented, after few NFC pilot programs, the option NFC eTicketing for their customers.