Nanotechnology for Smartphones or Humanized Phones!


As I have mentioned, the nanotechnology will be very soon part of our daily lives, because it will find a good place in every area of our living uniting the field’s medicine and technology.
The new “humanized phones” will come with new “out of the box” features, which will definitely simplify our daily life.

They will have bendable transparent display.

One of the most important features will be the possibility to see the person you are talking with and at the same time to recognize its mood.


Wireless Charging and NFC are already an integral part of every new smartphone and will be also integral part of every “humanized phone”.

The batteries will be improved, so there will be no need to charge the phone and after a few months thanks to so called ‘nano-tubes’, 100 times thinner than a human hair.

We are living in a Technological Era when the world is like global village, where the people must speak a lot of languages and have knowledge’s of every area to be “up to date” with everything.
So the new humanized phones will offer the opportunity for simultaneously translation via so called Voices Translators, which will simplify the communication between the people and the business partners from the entire world.

For the Coffee Lovers, I have heard and also read that the newest “smartphones” will also offer the will offer the “hands free making coffee”.

How it will work remains to wait.
Knowing that the technology is improved day by day and surprises with unexpected features on the devices, it won’t be surprise if the first humanized phone officially appear in 2015 on the market.