Nanotech: Tea Bag For Instant Safe Drinking Water just for 5 Cents!


Millions of people across the world have no access to clean water and there are many experiments to find the best water filtration system. The development of the nanotechnology and a water filter, that has the shape of a tea bag, could be the combination that offers effective solution. The new innovative nanotech ‘tea bag’ creates instantly safe drinking water and it is also very cheap. This invention is creation of the Professor Cloete of the Stellenbosch University. The nanotech ‘tea bag’ filter can fit in the neck of standard water bottle. The cost of the tea bag can vary between one and five cents per liter. The filter bag is covered with polymer that includes biocide. That means that it filters the water but also kills bacteria. The bag content is made of activated carbon that removes chemical pollutions. One tea bag purifies one liter of water.
Although it has a low cost could be an issue for those who live on a dollar or less a day. But surely it can be very useful in every day situations when you have no clean water for drinking or, for example, when you go camping. Please watch the video below for more information.