Nanotech: Charge Your Smartphone In Just 30 Seconds!

Have you ever wished your smartphone battery lasts more or at least charges faster? We have good news for you. An Israeli company is working on a project that researches nano-material that could recharge your phone in just seconds.
The company’s name is StoreDot and is working on a new battery technology that the mobile users have been craving for some time.

The basis of the company’s work was discovered during a research project of the Alzheimer’s disease at the University of Tel Aviv. It was discovered by the researchers a certain peptide molecule that shows high capacities, thanks to the ability “charge trapping”. According to the chief scientist, Professor Gil Rosenman, two of these molecules can create a viable crystal that in long only 2 nanometers. The crystals are the heart of this bio battery tech.

Artificial synthesis from the same constructive blocks – elements like hydrogen and oxygen (as natural peptides), the NanoDots could prove revolutionary to the multibillion industries such as displays, batteries, image sensors, non-volatile memory and other. The company has focused the research on the NanoDots uses in smartphone related technologies, such as faster memory, more sensitive camera sensors and especially on energy efficient, flexible display and ultra-fast charging batteries.

The result of that research is a prototype of a battery that uses NanoDots to recharge a standard Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone from flat to full in less than a minute.
It works in this way: the tiny “cavities that cover an electrode found in a standard battery are covered by the NanoDots, which extend its reactive surface and increase the battery capacity tenfold. Thanks to the NanoDots the electrode is able to multi-functionality: in one hand, the electrode stores electrical energy creating capacitor, on the other hand, lets it stream into the battery’s lithium.

In simple words, StoreDot creates a “buffer” that stores electrical current that comes out from a wall socket in period of circa 30 second and then lets it flow in the lithium. In the future, the company is planning to eliminate also the lithium from the battery.
By changing the chemical reactions that occur in the battery, it could be also improved the battery life in long terms. Actually it would be possible for the battery to have thousands of charge cycles instead of the hundreds cycles that are possible today.

There are more intriguing benefits from the NanoDots: when they are inserted in polymer and every day screens, NanoDots are able to replace the toxic materials such as cadmium that is used in the modern displays.
According to the developer, the company can create displays for both Samsung and Apple, using the NanoDots in both LCD and bio-LED screens.

The company plans to have their product ready for marketing next year, in 2015 and on sale in 2016. Concerning the price, the NanoDots will surely influent also the cost of the battery, which will increase twice than the regular price of today’s batteries.

We invite you to watch the demo video bellow and see how it will work the new bio battery technology.