Must have: Wireless Charger – Easier charger solution!


Today we are depending of technology mobile devices.

The big problem is that each device requires a specific charger.

So if you have a notebook, iPhone, iPad and digital camera you need for 4 separate chargers.

We all need solutions that will make our daily life simpler and will save our time, energy and money.

It is so great when you think about that your kids and grandkids would not know what about the term “battery low”

The wireless power Consortium is working on that to find a clever solution.

It is a group of companies, which have a common idea, finding solution, promotion and adoption of a global standardization for wireless charging technology.

Wireless charging technology isn’t something extra new or unknown. It is not science fiction. Nikola Tesla tested the wireless energy transmission, also known as Tesla effect in the early 1980s But the technology is constantly improving.

So something that you must put on your “must have” list is a wireless charger.

How it works?

Inside the charging device there is a coil of wire. When electrical current flows through it, create a magnetic field, called primary winding. When the magnetic field reaches the second coil inside the device, brings the current to the another coil, which produces secondary winding and charges the battery.

The benefits of the wireless are:

Quickly installation

Cost effective

Saving energy

Mobility, you can charge your smartphone or your iPad in a coffee shop or at the airport without any additional cables

Eliminates the risk of electrical shock

No risk for skin infection

When a device is fully charged it stops storing power