Men Have Enough Reasons to Say Yes to Wedding Bands


Since the birth of civilization, jewelries are considered as women’s best friends. With those valuable crafted metals, women enhance their beauty. During marriage or engagement, a woman becomes choosy when it comes to purchasing wedding ring. However, nowadays, men are not left behind. Men have their own styling statements and emotions which they want to share publicly. That is why the use of men’s wedding rings is on the rise.


When Men Started Wearing Wedding Rings?
During ancient times, the concept of wearing jewelries was mostly restricted to women. As the time passed, there had been a development of shared feelings among men and women. During the World War II, soldiers from the US were sent on far-flung missions.

Those soldiers did not know about the situations, which they had to undergo. However, they believed that having a glance of the symbol of love and commitment would make them feel confident. That is why those soldiers used to wear men’s wedding bands. In addition, the minds of the soldiers used to get filled with joy when people applauded them by seeing their wedding rings.

It Is the Era of Equality
When you look at the constitution of different countries, you would find that in secular terms, men and women enjoy equal rights. Nowadays, newlywed couples leave no stone unturned when the time comes for symbolizing their commitments to each other.

Men act in the same manner as women do. If a woman wears a wedding ring,the groom would also put on a ring with same designs and details. This is how a man expresses love and pays respect to his wife.

Men’s Wedding Rings Should Not Be Treated as Jewelry
Since the ancient time, some rules were made to differentiate activities of men and women. Jewelries were considered to be the beautifying accessories of women. At some occasions, men were asked to put on jewelries. Men thought that they were asked to wear jewelries forcefully.
Now, the time has changed.

Men are no longer treating wedding bands as traditional jewelries.

They are simply wearing wedding bands to complement their styling statements.

Men Are Becoming Choosy of Wedding Rings
In general, women put on jewelries to grace certain occasions. They also wear jewelries for daily usage. It is up to the women whether to wear jewelries or not. However, nowadays, men are expressing their desire of wearing a wedding ring.

Before selecting a design, men analyze their lifestyle including clothes they wear and then make a choice. They select a ring that can compliment most of the styles.


Wedding Rings for Men Are No Longer Heavy
In the past, wedding rings were made of gold, silver or other precious metals. Rings used to prove heavy on fingers if those contained detailed works. Now, the concept of styling has changed.

Couples prefer simple styles and designs. If designs are simple, then there is no question of ring weighing heavy on fingers. Men finding uncomfortable at wearing rings should now change their mindset and keep the symbol of commitment attached to their fingers.

Men’s Wedding Rings Are Not Costly
When the practice of adorning body parts emerged, jewelries were made of precious metals like gold and silver. These metals are expensive. Nowadays, wedding rings are made of lighter metal like tungsten and it is cheap.

The use of tungsten is on the rise because it does not get deformed in adverse conditions.

In addition, the cost of maintaining jewelries made of tungsten is lesser than those made of gold and silver. Men for whom price is the barrier should now start wearing wedding rings made of tungsten.

Men can also wear wedding rings.

By wearing such rings, they can express their commitments towards their wives in a better manner.